October 2015 archive

Review of Dry Kids waterproof trousers

We have a lovely woodland behind our house that Alex and I enjoy exploring when the older ones are at school.  We always wear our wellies to go squelching in the mud and jumping in muddy puddles but Alex’s trousers would inevitably end up mud-splattered and wet.

So I was thrilled to be sent Dry Kids waterproof trousers for Alex.  With the weather turning to wetter and muddier, it was perfect timing. (more…)

Stress free Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

When you work and have children, cleaning can seem to be a never ending job that is impossible to get on top off. The first thing is to realise is that your house is not going to look spotless while the children are awake. In fact, it probably won’t look spotless when they are in bed. However, by being organised, you can feel as though the housework is manageable.  So here are my stress free cleaning tips for busy mums.

Tidying and Cleaning in the Evening

Anyone with children will know that there isn’t much point trying to tidy while they are playing because as soon as you put a toy away, they will be at the other end of the room getting more out. It is frustrating and exhausting. So, I wouldn’t even bother tidying toys while they are still playing. Even the ones that they’re not using because you know that as soon as you put a discarded toy away, they will suddenly want it. (more…)

My Interview on the Victoria Derbyshire Show

Since the budget, I have been concerned about the tax credit cuts and have written about the impact on low income families.  These views were heard on television this week when I took part on the Victoria Derbyshire show to discuss the proposed cuts with a couple of MPs and a member of the Lords.

I’ll admit to being petrified.  It was a live show and there was no rehearsal of questions.  I knew there was a real possibility to look very stupid on national television.  However, I also wanted to convey my opinions on tax credits in the hope that someone may sit up and listen.  After all, if nobody speaks out, nothing changes.  We all need to have our voices heard by those in power. (more…)

Non-resident parents who avoid paying for their responsibilities

Last week, two women won their fight to have their ex-husbands’ income and assets re-assessed and their settlement to be re-examined.  Alison Sharland, 48, and Varsha Gohil, 50, argued that their ex-husbands lied to judges about how much they were worth.

While these cases relate to divorce payments, since becoming a single mum, I have been shocked by how many ex-partners make no or little payments to support their children.  Looking at the Government’s own figures show that in just 60% of CSA cases, the non-resident parent is paying 90% or more of the amount of child support.  In other words 40% of CSA cases are paying less than they should be. (more…)

Taking a step back and breathing

I haven’t written a blog post for a few weeks and for the first time, my excuse is not that I have been too busy.

For the last 6 weeks, I have reduced my employed days to just once a fortnight.  Yes, I know that’s hardly anything and just typing that makes me feel lazy.  So what have I been doing instead? (more…)