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How embarrassing can a three year old be?


Hannah and Nathaniel love going to Church and I enjoy being able to take them and focus on God while they play happily.  Unfortunately, this Sunday things weren’t as relaxed as they might have been.

As I’ve said before in my post on Church in Telford, there is a big blue mat for the younger children to play on while the service takes place.  So far, this has worked well and I’ve sat next to the mat to keep an eye on Nathaniel and Alex while listening to the service.  However, this week Nathaniel had other ideas during the sermon. (more…)

The perfect painting for me

It’s a bit late but Valentine’s Day came and went without any dramas. In fact, I had a lovely day as spent in with some very dear friends.

With regards to buying myself something to mark my new start in life after divorce, I decided to buy a painting to go in my new decorated lounge.  The choice of a painter was quite easy as I had always admired a painting that hung above the sofa of a friend of mine and knew that I wanted one of his paintings in my house too.


My word of the year – Believe

It is now February – where did January go? – so I’m a bit behind but along with a long list of New Year Resolutions, I have chosen a word to inspire me this year.  It has taken me some time to think of that word as one word never seemed enough.  But I’ve finally settled on:


Just a simple word, yet for me, I feel it says everything that I want 2015 to be. (more…)

Church in Telford

River Community Church in Telford

I think that I can cross one thing off my goal list that I wrote in Looking forward to 2015. 

I have been to a Church in Telford for the last two weeks and think that it may be the one for me and Hannah, Nathaniel and Alex.

It is very different to our large church that we used to attend in Exeter that had many leaders, technology, children’s groups and many activities running during the week.  The River Church in Telford is much smaller and very informal.  In fact, I wanted to ask some questions before I went and messaged the Paster on Facebook as there is no office or administration team.  He didn’t seem to mind chatting online to me at 10pm in the evening and made me feel that it would be worth coming once to see what I thought.  To be honest, as it was so different, I wasn’t sure that I would like it. (more…)