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The Feeding Debate

Breastfeeding is such an emotive topic and I have witnessed heated discussions in a range of settings.  It never ceases to shock me how mums can be so unsupportive and critical of each other.

There seem to be two camps – the breastfeeding group and the bottle-feeding group.  But a mum may not be an exclusive member of either.  Mums may start in the breastfeeding group and then move over to the bottle-feeding group after a few days, weeks or months.  Or some may decide that mixed feeding is for them and not feel as though they can be a member of either group. (more…)

Letting go is harder than I thought it would be

I am trying not to feel bitter or resentful but I have to say, on the day that I have officially sold my house, I am failing miserably.

Why did I sell my house?  Simply because I had no choice.

My husband got himself sacked (due to being regularly arrested for drinking) within 3 months of him leaving the family home, putting himself solely on benefits.  This resulted in him only having to pay £7 a week child support – in total, not per child – leaving me to pay for our joint mortgage by myself as well as the bills, food etc. (more…)

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