Dancing Mum

As much as I love my kids, I need some time for me.  I need something that isn’t playing with cars, making jigsaws, cooking, cleaning, marking or planning.

I have always enjoyed dancing – it feels great to get moving and forget about everything else – but I hadn’t danced for 20 years so was feeling very rusty.  My body is definitely not the same as it was then.  But, as my mum is a Ballroom and Latin dance teacher, I decided to have a go in one of her classes and see if I could remember how to move my feet and legs to look as though I was dancing.

Well, I could just about manage some toes and heels although they weren’t always in time to the music!  But that didn’t matter because I was out of the house in the evening for a whole hour being Janette and not a mum of six.  There was nobody there to ask me to help with homework, wash their clothes or read a book.  I know that might sound selfish to some who give every minute of every day to their children, but it was a breath of fresh air to me.

So, for the last three months, I have been to my mum’s class most Monday evenings for a bit of a twirl around the dance floor and am going to be taking my Bronze Ballroom and Bronze Latin exam next month.  Bit scary but (if I pass), I can start learning new routines.  Not that I will be doing the fancy stuff that is on Strictly Come Dancing.  I’m not sure that my mum is up to chucking me in the air and I am sure that I am not up to doing the splits!


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