Looking back at 2014

The last day of the year and the time when traditionally we look back.

When 2014 started, I had no idea that it would end so differently.   My year took some expected and some unexpected turns.

For example, I started the year married (although separated), owning my own home, running a couple of businesses, on maternity leave from my teaching post and living in Devon.

During the year, I went back to my teaching post but also did a few extra jobs long the way – exam marking, coursework moderating and running a breakfast and after-school club.  Fortunately, I only did all of them together for a couple of months  as, although it was great for the bank balance, it was too much with running the businesses too.  Never again will I work 6 jobs at once!

I also applied for a new job.  It sort of found me really.  I was visiting my parents in Telford at Easter and flicking through the local paper when an advert for a part-time English teacher jumped out at me.  There was just the one advert and the perfect hours.  I decided to apply on the off chance, emailing it in the early hours of the deadline.  I was quite surprised to get an interview and the Head said she was surprised to get my application as she had only advertised in that Telford paper and not nationally.  I actually didn’t get the job.  But two days later, the Head rang and offered me another job.  I took it and then panicked about how to move everyone 200 miles away when I hadn’t had one offer on the house, had businesses down here, a new house to find, schools to find etc.

I would like to say that it all went smoothly but it didn’t.  We almost didn’t get the house we wanted, I had to go through the LEA appeal process to get into Kaiya into our chosen school and the house hadn’t sold before I left.

But, we managed to get to Telford in August, despite it all.  Although, as with working 6 jobs at once, I am saying never again to such a big move by myself!

The house didn’t sell until October which was very stressful and financially a strain as I was responsible for rent and a mortgage as well as bills for both.  So, it was fortunate that I had worked those extra jobs and had some savings although I worried about what I would do if the bank balance ran out before the house sold.   I was quite relieved to get a phone call from my solicitor while I was in Asda to say that they had just exchanged and completed on the house sale, although I also felt sad at losing my old home – Letting Go Is Harder Than I Thought It Would Be.

A week before the house sale, I received my decree absolute – see Newly Divorced– so October bought a divorce and house sale.  Quite a big month but since October, life has been a lot less stressful and we have all been able to settle down and start this new and exciting life in Telford.

I am enjoying my new job – great staff and kids – while all the children are making lots of new friends at their colleges and schools as well as starting new hobbies outside of school.

Here is a summary of my year:

  • New job
  • Moved home to a new county
  • New nurseries, schools and colleges for the children
  • Sold a business
  • Got divorced
  • Started dancing and passed my first medal exam
  • Wrote 50,000 words of a novel
  • Passed my Bronze medal in Ballroom and Latin

At the start of 2014, I didn’t foresee so many changes but I believe in taking every opportunity given, so I have jumped in with both feet and now end the year in a different place (literally and metaphorically)compared to where I started.

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