Looking forward to 2015


Now that it’s 2015 and after my Looking back at 2014 post, I want to look forward.   It is not healthy to keep looking backwards – your neck starts to ache and you may miss something fantastic in front of you.

As I have discovered, you can’t plan things too much – life has a tendency to take twists and turns that you don’t always expect – but I will hopefully have less dramas than in 2013 and 2014, so I am going to make some goals for 2015.

Here goes:

  • To not worry about the small things, those things that I can’t change or those that don’t really matter
  • To organise my work better so that my days off can be spent enjoying more days out with my children
  • To make new friends in Telford
  • To eat more fruit and vegetables
  • To write at least another 50,000 words of my novel
  • To begin Daisy Birthing and Baby in Telford
  • To fill in my diary more regularly
  • To blog at least twice a week and make it even better
  • To find a Church that I feel I belong in
  • To re-decorate my lounge
  • To start my sewing or cross-stitch again
  • To have a family holiday
  • To keep on top of the housework
  • To pass my Silver Medal in Ballroom and Latin Dancing
  • To do one brave mad thing – leaving this one open as not sure what it will be yet

I may well be adding onto the list during the upcoming weeks but I think that is enough to start with.  Maybe my first goal should be to work out how I’m going to achieve my goals!

Has anyone else made any goals?


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