Review of Dry Kids waterproof trousers

We have a lovely woodland behind our house that Alex and I enjoy exploring when the older ones are at school.  We always wear our wellies to go squelching in the mud and jumping in muddy puddles but Alex’s trousers would inevitably end up mud-splattered and wet.

So I was thrilled to be sent Dry Kids waterproof trousers for Alex.  With the weather turning to wetter and muddier, it was perfect timing.

20151022_141617Being green, the Dry Kids waterproof trousers are perfectly unisex as well as being bright and cheerful.  They also come in pink, blue and red.  Designed to be worn over trousers, there is plenty of room in the legs so they just slipped over Alex’s normal clothes easily.

The length is also generous.  Alex is 2 and a half so is wearing age 2 waterproof trousers but there is plenty of room for growing so I won’t need a replacement pair for quite a long time.

The waist is elasticated, which was great as Alex is a slim build.

The material doesn’t make the awful crinkly noise when moving around and feels of a very good quality.

20151022_141709There are poppers at the bottom so that you can choose to have them open or closed depending on whether you want them worn inside or outside of the wellies.

Once the waterproof trousers, coat and wellies were on, we were off to our favourite walk.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much rain recently, so we couldn’t find any muddy puddles, although there were plenty of leaves to kick and squelchy mud.





It was a fabulous afternoon and it was more fun than usual for me as I wasn’t worrying about washing Alex’s clothes when I got home.

Alex really liked wearing the Dry Kids waterproof trousers and didn’t want to take them off when we got home.

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