September’s New Start

new startI can almost touch the finishing line, or should I say the starting line?

Since I resigned from my teaching job, I have been getting increasingly excited about September and the new start that it offers.

I will be able to take Hannah and Nathaniel to school each day, as well as attending nativity plays and sports days.

I will be able to spend quality time with just Alex.  I’m really looking forward to being able to join some new groups with him and visit new places, although it is going to be strange to just have one child with me.

As for work – I do still need to work to bring in the pennies – I have lots of ideas but am not sure which ones will make it to the short list.  So far, the long list consists of:

  • Daisy Birthing classes – I have actually started teaching one class a week in the last month and am loving it.  Hoping to add a second class by the end of the year.
  • Daisy Baby classes – As a follow on from the birthing classes, these will take up one morning a week and I can’t wait to see the babies having massages and doing gentle yoga stretches.
  • Utility Warehouse – Again, I have already started this but the extra time from September means that I can help more people to save money and get cashback (which is always satisfying).
  • Tutoring – I tutor one student a week at the moment but with no school work in the evenings, I could certainly increase to three or four a week.
  • Cleaning – I don’t mean my own home as I have to do that for free (unfortunately) but other’s houses for maybe a day a week.
  • Childminding – In Exeter, I became a registered childminder so I could investigate how to re-register in Telford and have an extra child or two.
  • Doula – I have been interested in training to become a doula for quite some time as it is a perfect fit with Daisy Birthing and now, with family living around the corner, this is a real possibility.
  • Planner – As my friends know, I have been investigating in designing and printing my own planner for a while now.  I was hoping to do it this year but life has been too busy.  However, from September, I can give it more time and train myself to use the software needed to produce it, ready for a 2017 launch.
  • Writing a book – I know this is a dream of many, including myself.  I am not sure if it would make any pennies, or whether it would be fiction or non-fiction, but I would just love to finish writing a book.
  • Freelance Writing – Linked to writing a book is freelance writing articles but this would (hopefully) provide some pennies as well as being enjoyable.
  • Admin – Having run a couple of businesses, I know the admin involved (which usually takes up more time than anything else) so I could become an online admin assistant for others running small businesses.
  • Running an Online Shop – I don’t have the time to run a physical shop as I want to be home for Alex, do the school runs etc, but I would like to run an e-commerce website.
  • Children’s Clothing Bank  – For some time, I have had this idea in the back of my mind and have gone as far as having a couple of meetings with a support network for Social Enterprises.  Not a money maker, but something that I feel passionate about to help the local community.

There are a couple of other ideas but I’m keeping them under wraps at the moment.  And of course, there is also this blog that I want to spend more time on to be able to write better posts and more regularly.

So exciting to have a new start and know from September there are endless possibilities.

Just seven weeks to get through and my new life begins.  I really couldn’t be happier at the moment.

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  1. Jax Blunt (@liveotherwise)
    September 26, 2015 at 12:09 pm (3 years ago)

    Wow, that’s a lot of varied ideas. I’ve just signed up to do usborne books, wonder if something like that would fit around your daisy baby stuff as well?
    Jax Blunt (@liveotherwise) recently posted…Monday morning changes.My Profile

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