The panic of organising a child’s birthday party

Hannah is going to turn six in less than two weeks, although she has been counting down the months, weeks and days since Christmas as she knew that her birthday was the first one in our family after Christmas.  But despite Hannah telling me for two months that it is her birthday soon, I seem to have found that time has crept up on me and I have done nothing about it.


I am hoping that I am not the only parent out there to have left it all to the last possible moment to organise a child’s birthday party.  I imagine that the swimming pool and the soft play centres are now all fully booked for the first half of March (and that they have been booked up months in advance).  So, it looks as though the only option is for a party at home.  The thought of which fills me with dread.  How to entertain a group of five and six year olds for two hours?  Not forgetting Nathaniel (3) and Alex (1) chucked into the mix.

I am thinking that a two hour party is probably the norm so I have 120 minutes hours to fill up with fun.

Food.  Hopefully they will all be fairly slow eaters and so the eating of the party food can last at least thirty minutes.  So only one and a half hours to go.

party food

Games.  Well, I must admit that I can only think of a few – pin the tail on the donkey, musical statues, musical bumps and pass the parcel.  Five minutes on each would take up twenty minutes.  But then I need time to explain the rules and change the music etc so maybe two minutes between each, making a total of 28 minutes.  Rounded up, that is another half an hour of the party gone, leaving just an hour.  JUST an hour.

pass the parcel

Now I’m starting to worry.  That seems like a long time to have a group of children without anything to do.  If the weather is good, there is always the garden to burn some energy off in.  But this is early March, so the prospects aren’t great.  I definitely need a back-up plan.

Maybe I could turn it into an art and craft party and they could make something.  But it would have to involve no glue, paint or glitter.  The potential disasters in my rented house are too great.


Bearing that in mind, Origami sounds like a real possibility but not sure that five and six year olds would be that keen.

No, I need something to make it a fun party and so far I’m feeling that it is going to be a disaster with lots of bored children.

Maybe I could look online for an entertainer to come and do the hard work for me but bet they were all booked up months ago too.  Why can’t other parents leave it to the last minute too?

What about a themed birthday party?  Possibly Frozen and then they could sing and dance the party away.

Wait.  I’m jumping too far ahead of myself.  I haven’t even got a date for the party sorted yet and Hannah’s birthday is in ten days.  I need to write a day and time on some invitations so that Hannah can give them out at school this week.

birthday party invitation

I am feeling a sense of panic rising up in me.  I wish I had been more organised and sorted this out weeks ago.  And there is the pressure to produce a good birthday party so that Hannah won’t be ridiculed for having the worst party in the class.



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6 Comments on The panic of organising a child’s birthday party

  1. You Baby Me Mummy
    February 25, 2015 at 11:10 pm (4 years ago)

    I feel your pain, Baby is 2 at the end of March and I have done nothing. I used to be an events organiser, so I have no excuse! x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…An Open Letter to a Kind StrangerMy Profile

  2. Catherine
    February 25, 2015 at 11:47 am (4 years ago)

    Six year olds love craft so maybe you could get lots of different craft materials – feathers, sequins, beads, glitter glue, lolly sticks, craft foam, coloured paper and see what they come up with. A treasure hunt could be fun too – either indoors or outside. The treasure could be a box filled with all the craft supplies.

    Have fun!

    Catherine recently posted…Ask an Author / Illustrator – Kate Leake (plus giveaway)My Profile

  3. Sarah
    February 25, 2015 at 2:17 am (4 years ago)

    oh dear you had me in a panic just reading through this! I say keep it simple and small. hope it all works out!
    Sarah recently posted…Picking your battles and prioritiesMy Profile

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